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Pearl bracelet, which one to choose?

A pearl bracelet is the perfect choice for those who love to embellish their wrist with jewelry.

The pearl, in fact, has always been considered one of the most precious gems.

The pearls can be spherical, almost perfectly round, symmetrical or baroque.

Our real pearl bracelet (Pic1 on the right), for example, is a refined and elegant jewel, both for the typical spherical shape of these natural pearls and for the bright and shiny coloring that makes this bracelet a precious and classy object.


Real pearls bracelet - Handmade in Italy

Depending on your personal taste, you can buy pearl necklaces, earrings or bracelets to embellish your outfit and always be up with the times, but also the color of the pearls can make the difference and adapt to the mood of every day.

A pink pearls bracelet for a chic day out with friends.



The first pink pearls bracelet (pic2), for example, is embellished with some white pearls set in brass that interspersed with pink pearls.

Or the second double lap pink pearls bracelet (pic3), the second lap is made with beautiful white pearls! Isn't it pretty?

Finally a gold and pearls bracelet.

In this bracelet, the white of natural asymmetrical pearls is interspersed with pink pearls and with the splendor of gold.

This pearls and gold bracelet is ideal for those who do not like the perfect spherical shape of the pearls that we have shown you so far but want something even more unique, natural shapes that cannot be replicated, perhaps easier to wear on the wrist. In short, a pearl bracelet suitable for every outfit.

White pearls, pink and gold bracelet - Handmade

Pearl bracelet, which one to choose? Prices?

The pearl bracelet is a timeless, elegant and refined object. really, it is not possible to advise which one to choose, because every person should have among their jewels a type of pearl bracelet for every occasion and for every "mood of the day".

So, start buying a white real pearls bracelet, and then choose different colors and matching materials. 

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