Charm is an innate sense of being able to attract people. It is inherent in one person. You can't learn it.

The charm of a story

Matter Of Charm was born from the passion for true stories. The stories of people intertwined with those of objects.

Our goal is to select and present unusual and particular objects, unique pieces, both modern and vintage. Small hidden treasures, far from the logic of mass production, which become precious precisely because of their uniqueness. 

Where did the story of each piece begin? Who made it? What parts of the world has it traveled to? Our aim is to let you become part of the history of an object and make it become part of yours. Because charm has the scent of mystery.

Uniqueness as a key to sustainability

The sustainability of this business model is our greatest inspiration.

Selling and buying vintage and second hand pieces mean reducing your carbon footprint, favoring the sustainability of consumption and the circularity of fashion.

Matter Of Charm gives the consumers the opportunity to build their own absolutely unique and unrepeatable personal collection, in a conscious and ethical way.

Become an active part of sustainable shopping and write your story.